Both our new and regular customers declare that our pork is the best they’ve ever tasted.  We raise purebred Tamworth as well as Tamworth/Birkshire cross pigs, from our registered Tamworth and Tamworth/Birkshire cross breeding stock.   They are raised on pasture as well as fed Certified Organic grain.  In winter months, they are fed hay from our farm to go with their grain ration.  We enjoy the pigs, and we think you can tell by the quality of the meat.

You can purchase our pork in two ways!  We sell our pork by the whole or half animal, which is the most economical and allows for your choice of cuts.  We also sell pork by the piece both from the farm or at the Almonte Farmers’ Market.  We try to keep a wide selection of cuts in stock, and are happy to put a surprise sampler box together for you at a cost that suits your budget.

Deposits for a half/whole:  If you wish to by a half or whole animal, we do ask for a $200 deposit to reserve your half animal or $400 for a whole animal. Our customers find this an agreeable arrangement, as it allows them to break up the cost.  But, it also allows us to have the cash flow to pay for the grain!

What does a “half” look like?

We aim for the animals to finish at roughly 180-240 lbs. “cutting weight”, which is the weight of the animal without the head, skin, feet, blood and fat (some butchers will call this the “hanging weight”).  One half animal  rears roughly 65-80 lbs. of pork.

The following is a rough sketch of what a half an animal includes (a whole animal would be twice this amount):

  • 1 x 6 lbs. shoulder roast* (can be turned into sausage or ground pork)
  • 10 x 2/pack loin chops (can be back bacon or loin roasts + back ribs + tenderloin)
  • 8-10 x 1 lb. bacon (can be left as whole belly)
  • 2 x 4 lbs. butt roasts (can be cut into chops, ground pork or turned into sausage)
  • 12 lbs. ham (cut into 2-3 lb., 4-5 lb., 10 lb, etc. hams, as you like)
  • 2 packages spare ribs
  • hocks and jowels (recommended smoked, jowels can be sliced, or both can be put towards sausage or ground pork)
  • 5-7 lbs. ground pork (you only get ground pork if you DO NOT want sausage)
  • sausage (shoulder must be put towards sausage as a minimum)
  • leaf lard
  • soup bones
  • trotters, tail, heart, kidneys and head are available if desired

*  Roasts can be cut smaller.

What does a “half” cost?

Our 2021 price with processing and transportation included, works out to $7.20/lb.  Smoking is an additional $1.75/lb and sausage an additional $2.25/lb.  This is as ‘at cost’ a purchase as you can get. 

The breakdown of our pricing: $5.50/lb for our husbandry.  This covers the price of certified organic grain and maintenance costs, plus pays us for daily chores, fencing, cleaning out, etc.  Processing is $80 for kill and disposal ($40.00 per half) + 70 cents/lb. to cut and wrap.  We also charge $20/half for transportation to cover our trailering and travel costs. 

Total Cost for a half animal, with smoking and sausage (i.e. the “Cadillac version”),  is between $730-$830, depending on the size of the half.    For the “Pontiac version” half, with no sausage and little to no smoking, the cost would be around $675-$775.  We try to keep the size of our groups of pigs consistent, but with having to book them up to a year in advance to be processed, their group size will vary.

What are our per piece prices?

Loin Chops  $8.25/lb.,  Picnic(shoulder)/Butt roasts/Butt Chops/Side Ribs/Ground Pork   $7.75/lb.,  Sausage  $12/lb.,  Bacon  $10.50/lb.,  Smoked Ham/Smoked Ham Steak/Smoked Hocks  $9.50/lb.,  Tenderloin (limited availability)  $12/lb.,  Back Ribs (limited availability) $12/lb.

Please contact us to find out what we have available!  Our freezer pork is always fresh, and is wrapped in brown paper.  We hate plastic.

Please contact us for availability of sides or to find out what selection of cuts are in the freezer.

You can find us at the Almonte Farmer’s Market, Saturday mornings starting Mother’s Day weekend!

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