Hilary has been working with Kurt Streckeisen and the bees since 2005.  Kurt, himself, has been working with bees for over 50 years.

Our bees are managed with a perspective that the best defense against the diseases and pests is a healthy, drug free colony whose own natural resistance is built over generations.  We keep bees as organically as you can, using no chemicals to treat the bees, feeding them back only honey, no sugar, and encouraging their own natural processes to take place.  Our farm and surrounding area offer many pastures, woodlands and wetlands for the bees to forage.

We extract our honey without using any heated tools or tanks, and we do not heat the honey itself.  Therefore, our honey will harden after a while.  But, it is thick and delicious!

Our honey is available from the farm, at the Almonte Farmers’ Market, at the TimbrMart hardware store in Lanark, Little Stream Bakery in Perth or North Market in Almonte as well as from our farm by appointment.