Neither Hilary nor Nick grew up on a farm.

Nick Moore arrived to Almonte, ON in 2005 from High Wycombe, England to attend a 9 month course at Rosewood Studio of Fine Woodworking.  Little did he know that he would meet his future wife who is an organic farmer, move to Canada permanently, and buy a farm!  Aside from his work on the farm, Nick’s reputation for repairing, restoring and building furniture is keeping him busy in the shop.  To gain a sense of what his work is like, please visit nickmoore.ca.

Hilary graduated with an honours degree in Environmental Studies at Carleton University, which is where she became interested in food politics and the concept of Community Supported Agriculture. Right after graduation, In 1999, Hilary found herself in Amagansett, NY, apprenticing on one of the first CSA farms in North America.  After spending a year building gardens in schoolyards in Ottawa, she signed up for a year long farm apprenticeship in Lincoln,MA, where she learned how to drive horses, as well as organic animal husbandry of sheep, goats, pigs, milk cows on top of raising vegetables.  Hilary has been farming full time ever since.  She operated Teamwork CSA for 13 years, from 2001-2015.  Hilary started out borrowing land, eventually settling in at Dunbrae Farms in Almonte, ON, where she operated her CSA for 7 years before her and Nick bought their own farm in Lanark, ON.  Today, Nick and Hilary grow vegetables for the Almonte Farmers’ Market, raise pigs, a few cows, laying hens and keep bees.  The farm is ever-evolving.

Over the years, Hilary has been involved in many projects to help facilitate a healthier local food system.  She was involved in the formation of the Ottawa Food Security Council (renamed Just Food) and remained as the Chair for its first year.  She was also involved in the design of the Ottawa Good Food Box local food box as well as a Schoolground Greening program in Ottawa.  She is an active member of the National Farmers Union and is the President of the Almonte Farmers’ Market.

Our organic produce, pork and honey are available at the Almonte Farmers Market or from our farm. Our organic eggs are available for sale at our farm, as well as at Dunbrae Farms in Almonte.