Maplelane Farm

Maplelane Farm is an organic community farm, thriving on an exchange of support with the community of friends and neighbours whom it feeds. We are not currently certified organic, but we do farm in accordance with the organic certification guidelines.

We, Nick and Hilary Moore, took over Maplelane Farm in 2009. It had been farmed organically for over 30 years by the time we arrived. Our farm is located in the middle of Lanark County, amidst the rolling hills of the Lanark Highlands that mark the edge of the the Ottawa Valley.  Diversity is the spice of life, and so we maintain that diversity on our farm enriches the soil, the plants and the animals.

We raise organic pork, a few layer hens, a few Black Angus cows, vegetables and honey plus hay to feed our animals. We are happy to answer any questions about how and why we do things the way we do! Our vegetables, pork and honey are available at the Almonte Farmers Market, or from the farm by arrangement. Pork can be reserved by the whole or half animal, or by the piece. If you would like to pick something up, please contact us to make arrangements!

Time to think about stocking up the freezer!