If we can do one thing really well, it is grow vegetables.  We’ve been doing it long enough!  Vitality, quality and flavour are our priorities.  We don’t get hung up on the latest trend of variety , but rather, we grow varieties that taste delicious.  We do gravitate toward Heirloom and interesting types, and save as much of our own seed as is convenient.


We know how and when to harvest to ensure peak freshness, and we will stand behind our commitment to bring you the freshest vegetables that we can!

So, where you can find these amazing vegetables?  The Almonte Farmers’ Market, Saturday mornings between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm, from mid-May until Thanksgiving, or at the farm on Fridays, by appointment (i.e. call ahead, please!).  If you are looking for volume of any particular item, it is worth checking with us.  We do love to encourage squirreling.