Both our new and regular customers declare that our pork is the best they’ve ever tasted.  Currently our animals are Tamworth/Berkshire crosses.  Our boar, Winston, is a purebred Birkshire pig.  Our sows, Betty and Bella, are registered Tamworth pigs.   They are raised on pasture as well as fed Certified Organic grain.  We adore the pigs, and we think you can tell by the quality of the meat.  We raise our animals slowly, keeping them for 7 months before they are finished.  We think this improves the quality of the meat and lessens the amount of fat on the pigs.

We sell our pork by the whole or half animal.  We do ask for a $200 deposit to reserve your half animal or $400 for a whole animal.  Our customers find this an agreeable arrangement, as it allows them to break up the cost.  But, it also allows us to have the cash flow to pay for the grain.

Typically the animals are finished at roughly 180-220 lbs. hanging weight.  A whole animal rears roughly 140-180 lbs. of pork.  One half animal  rears roughly 70-90 lbs. of pork.  The following is a rough sketch of what a half an animal includes (a whole animal would be twice this amount):

  • 1 x 6 lbs. shoulder roast (can be turned into sausage or ground pork)
  • 10 x 2/pack loin chops (can be back bacon + back ribs + tenderloin)
  • 8 x 1 lb. bacon (can be left as whole belly)
  • 2 x 5 lbs. butt roasts (can be chops, ground pork or turned into sausage)
  • 15 lbs. ham (cut into 2-3 lb., 4-5 lb., 10 lb, etc. hams, as you like)
  • 2 packages spare ribs
  • hocks and jowels (recommended smoked, jowels can be sliced)
  • leaf lard

Our 2017 price for pork is $4.75/lb plus processing.  Processing is $50 to kill ($25.00 per half) + $1.70/lb. to cut and wrap.  Smoking and sausage are $1.50/lb.  We also charge $20/half for transportation to cover our costs.

For a half animal, with smoking and sausage (i.e. the “Cadillac version”), the total cost is between $685-$725, depending on the size of the half.    For the “Pontiac version” half, with no sausage and little to no smoking, the cost would be around $600-$640.

PLEASE NOTE: We are selling our pork by the piece from the farm and at the Almonte Farmers’ Market!  A great way to try it out!

Please contact us for availability or for more information.